Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Sugita Hideo, who later adopted the name E-Q, participated in both photography and painting circles in pre- and post- war Japan. In addition, the critical essays he contributed to art journals, among them Mizue, Atelier, and Photo Times, in the 1920s and 1930s established him as an advocate for avant-garde tendencies.
He originally trained in oil painting (1925-27) at the Japan Art School. However, around 1930 he began to explore photography, the photogram in particular, and he may be considered Japan's leading proponent of this technique. His photograms show the influence of surrealism, a European artistic movement introduced to Japan in the mid-1930s. In essays such as "For the Liberal Production of Photograms" of 1930 (Photo Times), Ei-Q inveighed against artistic photography that simply copied painting. The photogram, he argued, had to be more than an abstract light composition. It had to be a "synthesis of all photographic techniques, using a photographic paper which, reacting sensitively to light, creates a construction that was never possible using any other materials.
Ei-Q was a founding member of the Liberal Artists Association (Jiyū Bijutsuka Kyōkai), established in 1937, which advocated "the creation of a mode of art for our times, focusing on abstract painting; the association's exhibitions included photography and sculpture, in addition to painting. Ultimately, Ei-Q strove to create a fusion of painting and
photography, as evidenced in the first publication of his "Photo-Dessins" (the name he preferred for his photograms) in 1936. Entitled Nemuri no riyū (Reason of Sleep) and issued in a limited edition of forty copies, this publication firmly established Ei-O's place in the avant-garde milieu of the time.
In 1951, Ei-Q was instrumental in the formation of the Democratic Artists Association called Demokrato, and remained active in both painting and photography circles in the postwar period.



1911 Born in Miyazaki
1960 Dies in Tokyo

Selected solo exhibitions

1936 Sankaku-do, Osaka
1936 Ei-Q Photo-dessins,Nishimura Gakki,Miyazaki
1939 Ei-Q, Miyazaki
1950 Ei-Q Photo-dessins,Matsuzakaya Department Store,Tokyo
1951 Ei-Q Photo-dessins,the Miyazaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Miyazaki
1951 Ei-Q Photo-dessins,Umeda Gallery, Osaka
1951 Ei-Q,Ei-Q, Miyazaki City Library Gallery, Miyazaki
1952 Ei-Q Photo-dessins,Takemiya Gallery, Tokyo
1952 Ei-Q, Takemiya Gallery, Tokyo
1952 Ei-Q, Miyazaki City Library Gallery, Miyazaki
1953 Ei-Q, Nobeoka City Central Community Center, Nobeoka
1953 Ei-Q Etching, Takemiya Gallery, Tokyo
1954 Ei-Q, Cobalt Gallery, Urawa
1954 Ei-Q Painting, Kanda Bonbodo , Tokyo
1955 Ei-Q Photo-dessins, Takashimaya Department Store,Tokyo
1955 Ei-Q, Miyazaki City Library Gallery, Miyazaki
1956 Ei-Q,Koga Dapartment Store, Miyazaki
1957 Ei-Q Recent Works, Pensee, Miyazaki
1957 Ei-Q,Takemiya Gallery,Tokyo
1957 Ei-Q, Miyazaki City Library Gallery, Miyazaki
1960 Ei-Q,Ginza Kabutoya Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group exhibitions

1935 1st Furusatosha exhibition, Nishimura Gakki,Miyazaki
1935 Furusatosha October exhibition, Nishimura Gakki,Miyazaki
1937 Ei-Q Photo-dessins and KITAO Junichiro Real Photo, Brützke Gallery, Tokyo
1937 1st Liberal Artists Association exhibition,Tokyo
1937 2nd Liberal Artists Association exhibition, Brützke Gallery, Tokyo
1939 Liberal Artists Association exhibition ,Tokyo
1950 14st Liberal Artists Association exhibition ,Tokyo
1951 Ei-Q and KATSUDA Hirokazu, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Osaka
1951 1st Osaka Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Osaka City Museum of Fine
1951 5th The Shinjukai, Tokyo
1951 2nd Osaka Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Hankyu Gallery,Osaka
1952 3rd Osaka Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Hankyu Gallery,Osaka
1952 1st Tokyo Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Matsushima Gallery,Tokyo
1953 2nd Tokyo Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Maruzen Gallery,Tokyo
1953 Contemporary Photography ,National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo,Tokyo
1953 Abstraction and Surrealism ,National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo,Tokyo
1954 5th Selected Masterpieces Art exhibition, Mitsukoshi Department,Tokyo
1954 3rd Tokyo Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Maruzen Gallery,Tokyo
1954 Demokrato Etching Exhibition, Hankyu Gallery, Osaka
1954 The exhibition by Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition,Kanda Bonbodo,
1955 Etching 6 Artists Exhibition, Takamiya Gallery, Tokyo
1955 7th Nihon Independent exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
1955 5th Tokyo Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Mimatsu Shobo
1956 2nd Etching exhibition, Takemiya, Tokyo
1956 6th Tokyo Demokrato (Democrat Artists Association) exhibition, Matsumura Gallery,Tokyo
1956 Print exhibition,Katoya Bunbogu store, Tokyo
1956 The West and Japan-Kubo collection,Honma Museum, Sakata
1957 3rd Etching exhibition, Takemiya, Tokyo
1957 Contemporary Print Artists Exhibition, Fukui Bank Katsuyama Branch Hall, Katsuyama
1960 Four Artists-HISHIDA Shunso, Ei-Q, KOSAKA Gajin and TAKAMURA Kotaro,National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo, Tokyo
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