Gocho Shigeo



1946 Born in November 2, in Kamo, Niigata Prefecture
1949 diagnosed as having a spinal caries
1968 Graduates from Kuwasawa Design School(Tokyo)
1976 Begins teaching photography at Nippon Engineering College and at Tokyo University of Art and Design
1978 received New Talent Award from Photographic Society of Japan for Self and Others
1983 June 2, dies of heart failure in Kamo

Selected Solo Exhibition

2013 "Gocho Shigeo - the second" The Third Gallery Aya
"Shigeo Gocho Part 2 “KODOMO – children-”, MEM
"Shigeo Gocho Part 1 “Familiar Street Scenes”, MEM
2003 "Gocho Shigeo:- A Retrospective", The Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
"Gocho Shigeo", Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Yamagata Art Museum, Mitaka City Arts Foundation
2002 "Gocho Shigeo(1)(2)", Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum
2001 "Self and Others", The Third Gallery Aya,Osaka
2000 "Gocho Shigeo", Niigataeya, Niigata
1996 "Gocho Shigeo", 4chome Plaza 7F4 Pula Hall, Sapporo
1995 "Self and Others:-Another Gesture", Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
1994 "Gocho Shigeo," Gallery ississ, Kyoto
"Gocho Shigeo:- Self and Others", Gallery Wall, Kotaru, Hokkaido
1992 "The Photographs of Gocho Shigeo",Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum
"Gocho Shigeo", Photo Gallery Mole, Tokyo
"Gocho Shigeo:- Memory of Water", Tokyo Design Center, Tokyo
"Gocho Shigeo's Posthumous Works", Kamo Cultural Hall, Niigata
1989 "The Childhood", Gallery Frog1, Tokyo
1982 "Familiar Street Scenes", Minolta Photo Space Shinjuku, Tokyo
"Familiar Street Scenes", Minolta Photo Space Osaka, Osaka
1978 "Self and Others", Minolta Photo Space Osaka, Osaka
"Gocho Shigeo", Kamo Credit Union small Hall, Niigata
1977 "Self and Others:-Another Gesture", Minolta Photo Space Shinjuku, Tokyo
1975 "Fairy of the Darkness",Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibition

2013 "1968:-Japanese Photography", Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2012 "What Can We Leave for the future with Photography?", Sakyukan, Niigata
2004 "The Prefectural Heritage of Beauty of Niigata Prefecture:-The History of collections of the Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art", Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
2003 The History of Japanese Photography", The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
2002 "The Unfinished Century: Legacies of 20th Century Art", The Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2001 "Gocho Shigeo and Miura Kazuto Photo Exhibition:-Ripples and Resonance-the Influence of Self and Others", Studio Ebisu Photo Gallery, Sendai Mediatheque and Hakodate Photo Library
1999 "Otsuji Kiyoji and 15 Photographers”, Giacomo Manzu Museum, Tokyo Zokei University
”Gocho Shigeo and Sekiguchi Masao Photo Exhibition:- Days and Things/1994-1999,” Photo Gallery Mole, Tokyo
1998 ”Tokyo Photography- Kuwahara Kineo and Gocho Shigeo”, Gallery 1 (Shinjuku Park Tower), Tokyo
”Memory and Creative Perspective Post-War 50 years:-The History of Japanese Contemporary Photography”, Umeda Navio Museum, Osaka
1992 ”What did Photography Convey? 1960-1980”, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
1990 ”Tokyo A City Perspective”,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
1989 ”The people from 1965-1975:-Has Japanese Photography Changed?”, Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum
1985 "An Illustrated Book of Tokyo People", Ikebukuro Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo
1986 "Tokyo A Paris Photo Exhibtion:-Part II: The Museum of Tokyo People", City Hall Gallery of 9e Arrondisse de Paris
1977 "11 Italian Photographers and 11 Japanese Photographers:- Eyes, Cameras and Reality", Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Italia
1969 "Photography 13 People:-Veiws-All Day and All Night", Nikon Salon Ginza,Tokyo


1989 "Childhood"
1981 "Familiar Street Scenes"
1977 "Self and Others"
1971 "Days"
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