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We are pleased to announce a solo show by Abe Jun, titled Byakkosha, in October.
As the staff cameraman for Byakkosha, a Butoh experimental dance troupe based in the Kansai region from 1982 to 1994, Abe took a wide variety of photos including pictures of onstage performances, publicity photos for flyers and posters, and pictures that were only for documentation purposes.
The images for press releases announcing their performances were produced by Abe based on discussions with Mr. Osuga Isamu, the group’s leader and representative, and other members.
The onstage images were shot on site at performances, including in other countries, and were thoroughly staged, with props and compositions prepared. They should be regarded as collaborative works.
This is the first exhibition of these works since 1994, and the first ever in Japan.

Abe Jun


1955 Born in Osaka, Japan
1981 Graduate of Department of Photography, Osaka Shasin Senmongakko (currently Osaka Visual Arts)
1982 Work for the Butoh Dance Group ‘Byakkosya’(-1994)
1983-86 Organize the Shashin Jyuku
1986-1988 Be staff of Little Gallery
2006 Organize the Publisher named VACUUM PRESS
2013 Awarded the 25th Shashin-no-kai Award
Lives in Osaka, Japan

Selected solo exhibitions

2018 “Byakkosha”, The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
2017 “Photo Letters”, The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
2016 “1981”, Gallery 722, Okayama
"CREATURES", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
“1981”, Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka
2013 “Awarded Exhibition of Shashin-no-kai Award-Citizens, Black & White Note and Black & White Note2”, Place M, Tokyo
“Citizens/1983”, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
2012 "CITIZENS", The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
2006 "Black & White Note; Box", gallery 10:06, Osaka
2004 "CITY", Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka
2002 "Black & White Note", Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka
1998 "Infinite-point, COSMO GALLERY, Osaka
1997 "Citizens, Stray Child Theory", COSMO GALLERY, Osaka
1989 "Citizens, Creatures", Picture Photo Space, Osaka

Group Exhibitions

2019 “Animails”, Vacuum Gallery, Osaka
2018 “Chihei/Horizon”, Case, Tokyo, Visual Arts Gallery, Osaka
“Paris Photo2018” Gland Palis, Paris
2016 "daikanyama photo fair 2016", Daikanyama Hillside Terrace, Tokyo
2015 "Fascination of Monochrome Street Snapshots", Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography
"The 2nd Photographers Brigade Without Borders", Hatten Gallery, Osaka
2014 "Foto Istanbul 2014",International Festival of Photography, Istanbul
2013 "Paris Photo 2013", Grand Palais, Paris
2007 “The 30th anniversary Photo Street-Super Session”, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art,Kobe
1997 “The 20th anniversary Photo Street-Super Session”, Himeji City Museum of Art, Himeji
1995 “Views from Japan”, Tucson, Arizona
1994 “Creatures”, Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington D.C.
1984 “Photography Now”, Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center


2021 "Black & White Note 3" VACUUM PRESS
2020 “2002”,VACUUM PRESS
“2002 Naha,Koza”,VACUUM PRESS
2019 “Civil Society”,VACUUM PRESS
“Chihei/Horizon Vol.12”,Case Publishing
2018 “2016(top)” VACUUM PRESS
“2016(bottom)” VACUUM PRESS
“Chihei/Horizon Vol.11”,Case Publishing
2017 "New York" VACUUM PRESS
2016 "1981 Kobe" VACUUM PRESS
2015 “1981(top)” VACUUM PRESS
“1981(bottom)” VACUUM PRESS
2014 “Pusan”VACUUM PRESS
2013 "2001" VACUUM PRESS
2012 "Black & White Note 2" VACUUM PRESS
2010 "Black & White Note" VACUUM PRESS
2009 "Citizens" VACUUM PRESS
2007 "Osaka" VACUUM PRESS
1993 "HORIZON" joint authership
1989 "Creatures" Village Press
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