Figures of Fertilities

KAI Keijiro

Saturday, April 17, 2021–Saturday, Mat 15, 2021 *Closed from Sunday, May 2–Monday, May 10
12:00-19:00(Wednesday – Friday) , 12:00-17:00(Saturday)
By appointment only on Tuesday.

シリーズ〈手負いの熊〉より From the series of Wounded Bears

The Third Gallery Aya is very pleased to announce an exhibition by KAI Keijiro.

Keijiro Kai photographs rituals with a martial character traditionally held in various parts of the world.

His work began with Shrove Tuesday, photographs exploring the origins of football, and in 2020 he published the book Down to the Bone, a collection of photographs that captures the violent energy lying at the root of male lives, which he took while immersed in these events. At a 2020 exhibition held at the Nikon Salon, he won the Ina Nobuo Award.

In his first exhibition at The Third Gallery Aya, he presents Down to the Bone, a series of photographs of festivals in Akita; Bear in Hand, a series of photographs of festivals in Nagano; and his new work, Dressed to Celebrate in Kira

Many festivals have been canceled due to the threat of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Under these circumstances, where does all the pent-up energy go? These pictures grapple with the existential nature of the human body and portray it in a state of release.

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