Saturday, June 5, 2021–Saturday, June 26, 2021
12:00–19:00(Wednesday – Friday), 12:00–17:00(Saturday)
By appointment only on Tuesday.

We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition, The Irritated Mind of Plants, by Iwatani Yukiko, to be held from June 5 to June 26, 2021.
Iwatani’s practice involves making objects and installations using plants gathered in the vicinity of exhibition venues. These convey to visitors the vital energy of the many lifeforms surrounding us.
For the current exhibition, she converts messages from plants, gathered during the state of emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, into Morse code, and has created an installation in the gallery using seeds that move in reaction to the sounds.

Iwatani Yukiko


1958 Born in Sapporo, Japan 
1981 B.F.A., in Japanese Painting of Musashino Art University
2019 Rokko Meets Art 2019 Grand Prix
Lives in Kochi, Japan

Solo Exhibition

2018 The Irritated Mind of Plants, Gallery E, Kochi
2017  Whispers of Sleepless Plants, The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka
2016 From Echigotsumari, Hasu no hana, Tokyo
2014 The Melancholy of the Ravenwort, Hasu no hana, Tokyo
Plants, 10cm, Matsumoto
2013 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, Gallery Jin, Tokyo
2012 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, gallery yamahon, Iga
2011 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, POLARIS The Art Stage, Kamakura
2010 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, Hako / 2, Osaka
2009 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, Kobo, Tokyo
2007 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, graffiti, Kochi
2004 Iwatani Yukiko Solo Exhibition, jurgenlehl, Fukuoka
2003 What is connected,Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo
1995 Iwatani Yukiko, FAUST GALLEY, Kochi

Group Exhibition

2020 Plants can move, Makino Memorial Garden & Museum, Kochi
2019 Guide West, Capsule, Tokyo
Rokko Meets Art 2019, Rokko Arima Rope Way, etc, Kobe
2018 ART in Park Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo
Art Osaka, Hotel Granvia, Osaka
Cosmic Dance, Biwako Biennale, Omihachiman
2017 Art of Living, gallery momogusa, Tajima
Moving Plants, Rønnebæksholm, Denmark
2016 Happy frontier, 10cm, Matsumoto
Insect ☆ plant, The Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden, Kochi
2015 gallery’s eye, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
Universes in Universe –Echigo–, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015, Tokaichi
2014 Artist program in Megijima, Setouchi Craft Festival 2014, Takamatsu
Yukiko Iwatani and SeizoTashima Exhibition, Ehontokinomi-museum, Niigata
2010 Winter  Session 2010, Gallery Jin, Tokyo
2007 Stone's house, Jurgenlehl, Tokyo
Botanical room, Makino Botanical Garden, Kochi
2006 Winter Momogusa-ten from Kochi, galerie momogusa, Tajimi  
2003 Jin Winter Session 2003, Gallery Jin, Tokyo
2001 Kaki Tree Project in Kochi, The Museum of Art, Kochi
2000 NO  BORDER, The Museum of Art, Kochi
1995 In Our Hands International competition, Nagoya Trade & Industry Center, Nagoya

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