The time of the cocoon

Kakimoto Hiromi

2010. 6.7 Mon - 6.26 Sat
12:00-19:00/Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00/Sat closed on Sun and Mon

The Third Gallery Aya is pleased to announce a solo show by Hiromi Kakimoto called “The time of the cocoon” which runs from June, 7 to June, 26, 2010.
Kakimoto’s works capture the instability of young girls.
She is fascinated by the uneasy femininity of young girls, the existence of which allows them to deal with a lot of things.
She regards them as residents of a parallel world who are mediums between reality and fantasy.
And she tries express these two aspects of femininity of young girls using symboloic female images such as the sea, flowers, and the moon and mythical images . Don’t miss it.

Artist Statement

When I woke up in the morning, the word “Po-lone girls” remained in my mind clearly from last night’s dream.
After checking the word on the web, I couldn’t find it and forgot the content of my dream. I was also looking for the phrase “Po-lone girls” in my memory, but I couldn’t find it. I felt it was something special and I have been looking for it for a while.

The young girls were given the role of shaman and exist as a medium to communicate between two worlds before getting their first period.
They were confined to a special time and place between life and death and were waiting for the time to be free.

I have been thinking of signals from the unconscious world at times and various borders.

Kakimoto Hiromi


1976 Born in Osaka and Currently lives in Kyoto
1997 Graduated Japan institute of Photography and Film
1999 Graduated from Seian University of Art And Design

Solo Exhibitions

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Group Exhibitions

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1999 99Photograph "A human town” Project Part. 2. Guardian Garden,Tokyo
1998 The photograph exhibitions of twelve people. Douzidai Gallery,Kyoto
Selections from the Collection - Young Portfolio Acquisitions 1995-97. Kiyosato Museum of Fhotographic Arts, Hokuto, Japan
1997 Higashikawa Free Forum 1997 Photographic Independant exhibition. Higashikawa Culture Gallery, Higashikawa, Japan
1996 Naked Emotion. Planet Hall, Osaka, Japan

Workshops / Slide shows

2003 Shaba-Shaba Slide show. The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka, Japan
Shaba-Shaba Slide lecture. Japan institute of Photography and Film, Osaka, Japan
2002 Shaba-Shaba Slide show. The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka, Japan
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2016 Little World. Lille: iKi
2014 Crossing Views Ⅰ. Crans-Montana: CMarts
2003 Shaba Shaba 2nd issue. Self-publishing
2002 Shaba Shaba 1st issue. Self-publishing
2001 Photographer's Diary 2001. Self-publishing

Public Collections

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts
Japan institute of Photography and Film
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