UYAMA Toshinori

2016.7.5. tue.– 7.16. sat.
12:00-19:00/Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00/Sat Closed on Sun and Mon

Uyama Toshinori has exhibited “after a stay,” in which he photographed details of Japanese business hotels, and “through a window,” a photo and video work focusing on scenery from a business hotel’s window. In these two series, he photographed objects that usually go unnoticed or not consciously seen.

Places like these are sometimes interpreted as being somehow Purgatorial “non-places,” or are presented along with related narratives. However, Uyama’s work does not evoke stories of any kind. Rather, by substituting photographs for the places themselves, he brings about a mode of visual perception that deviates from both the idea of “landscape,” based on interpretations and substitutions, and the natural-scientific perspective usually applied to phenomena such as volcanic craters.

The exhibition title “Ver.” refers to “version,” a concept that encompasses interpretation, opinion, heteromorphy, deformation, translation and conversion. When we hear tales or myths about the origin of a land, we tend to interpret the “scenery” of that land in a manner close to these narratives. Meanwhile, when we view a location from a scientific vantage point, it transforms our visual approach to the place accordingly. These perspectives of “narrative” and “place” deliver valid experiences, but the work shown here provides a different sort of visual encounter and introduces a new interpretation of the target space from another angle.
UYAMA Toshinori

1976 Born in Osaka

■solo exhibition
2015 “through a window” The Third Gallery Aya , Osaka
2014 “through a window” KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA , Tokyo
2012 “after a stay ” Port Gallery T,Osaka
2010 “LAND” Port Gallery T,Osaka

■Group exhibition
2016 “satellite824” gallery make , Kyoto
Annual Award Exhibition” KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA, Tokyo
2014 ” neo824″ The Third Gallery Aya , Osaka
2013 ” The 16th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art” 
Taro Okamoto Museum of Art Kawasaki , Kanagawa
2010 “Mio Photo Award 2009” Mio Hall,Osaka
2010 “DOOR to DOOR 2010” Port Gallery T,Osaka
2009 “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2009”
Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo,Tokyo
2015 Special Award, KONICAMINOLTA FOTO PREMIO 2014
2012 selected for Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art
2011 selected for TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2011
2010 Honorary award , Mio Photo Award 2009
2009 selected for Tokyo Wonder Wall 2009

2012 TOKYO PORTFOLIO REVIEW Vol.5  Arts Chiyoda 3331,Tokyo

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